Installation Inkscape V0.92

Installation Plugin Eggbot 250


Répertoire installation des extensions inkscape

C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions


Pb communication port serial : 2voie :


I hope this time it will work. If it does not, let's try to bypass autodetection. Check your COM port name in Device Manager or Arduino IDE (my board appears as COM51) and change one line in (1381) like so:

        # Before searching, first check to see if the last known
        # serial port is still good.

#       serialPort = self.testSerialPort( self.svgSerialPort )
        serialPort = self.testSerialPort( "COM51" )
        if serialPort:
            return serialPort


Autodetection is performed in There are two methods - one for original EbiBoard which fails and the other, scanning available serial ports.
Let's comment out failing method and see if this helps.
Open and near the end of file comment out three lines:
if __name__ == '__main__':
#        print "Looking for EiBotBoards"
#        for port in findEiBotBoards():
#               print "  ", port

        print "Looking for COM ports"
        for port in findPorts():
                print "  ", port